Chapter Six: No Budget For You

March 8, 2018 – “I have a proven ability to solve problems, build talented teams of people, and get things done. And I’ll work on a bi-partisan basis to do it,” Candidate Bruce Rauner promised Illinoisans in a 2014 C-Span Debate. “Business leaders, CEO’s, can solve problems and get things done. It’s all about Executive Leadership, team-building…”

In July, the Illinois Legislature approved a budget that included a massive 32% income tax hike, ending the two-year Rauner – Madigan Budget Impasse that shut down social services and ran up massive deficits.

What did Illinois taxpayers get for sending another $5 billion to Springfield?

According to the Chicago Tribune’s Editorial Board, “Business as usual.”

Chapter Six, of The Governor You Don’t Know: ‘No Budget For You,’ exposes the political bungling and missteps that led the “Turnaround Governor” with a self-described “proven ability to solve problems, build talented teams of people, and get things done,” to engage in a personal feud with the House Speaker, solve no problems and end up with a massive tax hike implemented on his watch.

“Politics is the art of the possible, and Rauner has been artless.

“That budget battle was a textbook example of how not to govern, of how politicians can dig in their heels while neglecting the public interest. The Democrats (as usual) deserve much of the blame for spending money Illinois doesn’t have. But Gov. Rauner, alleged deal maker and business genius, was simply AWOL when it came to new ideas or strategies. And his rookie political incompetence allowed a HUGE tax increase to pass. His stewardship has been a disservice to the people of Illinois.”

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