Edgar County Watchdogs Release More Diana Rauner Emails: First Lady Directed the Chicago Public School Pension Bailout Betrayal

“In the name of his re-election, Bruce should compromise here… lets use this fight and it’s inevitable conclusion… to re-write the narrative of the last two and a half years.”


March 9, 2018 – At the end of Summer 2017, Governor Rauner signed into law a school funding reform bill pushed through the legislature by liberal lobbyists.

His change of heart was sudden and confounding, as, until then, Rauner has spent months denouncing the school funding rewrite as a bailout of Chicago Public Schools. Until then, like most Republicans, Rauner had pointed to the fact that CPS already received a greater share of state education grant money than other districts, courtesy of a 1995 law.

And he noted that CPS skipped or skimped on payments into its teacher pension fund for 13 years, greatly contributing to the district’s current financial crisis. The legislation added $750 million to a budget that was already $2.6 billion out of balance, with increases of $350 million a year.

For months after political analysts struggled to connect the dots surrounding the Governor’s change of heart on the CPS bailout.

The latest Diana Rauner email published by the Edgar County Watchdogs, Kirk Allen and John Kraft, reveals that by Summer 2017, conservative reformers were out and the wife, was in fact, in:

Allen writes,

“With ten days until schools opened, they had a choice– agree to a massive, downstate and suburban $17 billion bailout of Chicago’s corrupt, already over-funded public schools, or take a chance on public schools not opening on account of their not receiving state funding.

“For Diana, who through her state taxpayer-funded ‘early education non-profit,’ saw herself as a leading intellectual on K-12 education, the latter would be a major embarrassment.

“She followed up with action. Her husband would agree to the CPS bailout, allowing her reputation– and his, she believed– to live to fight another day.

“An email we have obtained lays out Diana Rauner’s logic while reinforcing the ‘protocol’ she enforced upon the governor’s office.

“’Let’s use this fight,’ she wrote to her two political consultants, her husband’s campaign manager, his state chief of staff and communications chief. ‘As this is unfolding in real time we need to use this to rewrite the narrative of the past two and a half years.’

“As justification, Diana cited polling done by Mark Harris of Pittsburgh-based Coldspark Media, which Harris said: ‘reveals that voters want someone to stand up to Madigan, yet view Bruce as unwilling to compromise.’

“In the name of his re-election, Bruce should compromise here, Diana argued, ‘lets use this fight and it’s inevitable conclusion..,’ agreeing to a CPS bailout that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel would later describe as ‘all I wanted, and more.’

“… The governor’s wife is not only driving the decision– she is suggesting that the reason they will make it is to ‘rewrite the narrative’ and help his re-election.

“Politics over Policy!”

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