Everyone is Talking About Jeanne Ives

March 8, 2018 – The Illinois Republican primary for governor is national news. Everyone is talking about Jeanne Ives, the conservative reform Republican for Governor.

Fox News Channel Host Tucker Carlson says, “Illinois has got a fake Republican Governor.”

Chicago Tribune Columnist John Kass says, “Jeanne Ives, the conservative candidate for governor of Illinois, gets to the heart of policies that are cynical, subversive and designed to blur the distinction between the citizen and noncitizen:

Those polices are Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s controversial city ID card that will be issued to citizens and noncitizens alike in his sanctuary city; and Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner’s signing of sanctuary state legislation.”

Daily Herald Editor Jim Slusher says, “Perhaps the most ludicrous of the accusations being posited this campaign cycle – the Gov. Bruce Rauner campaign ad claiming that GOP challenger Jeanne Ives is a lackey of Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan, the undisputed boogeyman of Illinois politics…

“If you spend 30 seconds studying the political actions of Mike Madigan and those of Jeanne Ives, you will find the notion that she is his lackey — or anyone’s for that matter — to be utterly laughable.”

Matt Podgorski, NW GOP Club Chairman says, “Yesterday, I voted for Jeanne Ives for Governor of IL. I want to address briefly these anti-Ives commercials that Rauner has been running. They are not simple exaggerations, they are 100% false.” 

Illinois Channel Host Terry Martin says, “To those flyers that are going out… the TV ads going out… that say Jeanne Ives is Madigan’s favorite representative, or suggest she’s against lowering property taxes..!!! Well — that is the biggest distortion I’ve heard about Illinois politics in the last 20 years that I’ve covered Illinois politics — and EVERYONE who follows Illinois politics or works in the Capitol knows that’s just plainly RIDICULOUS!”

Attorney, former radio talk show host, and a former Illinois State Representative and Republican candidate for the United States Senate and for Illinois Secretary of State, Al Salvi called Ives’ Pro-Life Mailer, “The most brutally effective mailer I have ever seen in my politics career. I’m voting for Jeanne Ives.”