Governor candidate Ives: ‘Every school district should be a unit district’

School District Reform, done thoughtfully can make a positive difference for families, students and taxpayers!

From the Daily Herald:  “Consolidating school districts would cut expenses and reduce property taxes as well as benefit students, Ives said.

“‘Florida’s got one school district per county,” she said. “In Illinois, we’ve got 852 (districts in 102 counties). This is where you get your savings.’

“For example, Ives suggested, Glenbard High School District 87 serving northeast DuPage County communities could absorb elementary school districts that feed into it.

“She also cited the example of Winfield School District 34, which has two schools, saying it could merge with the much-larger Wheaton Warrenville Unit District 200, which also serves part of Winfield.

“‘(Those two schools) could easily be absorbed in District 200,’ Ives said. ‘Get rid of that school district. Done.’

“Such reforms, she stressed, wouldn’t necessarily mean losing local control or traditions.

“‘It doesn’t mean give up the school’s mascot. It means the administration and all that goes up to the (larger) school district level…’

“…However, Ives also said some large school districts are unwieldy.

“‘Elgin (Area Unit District 46) and Chicago (Public Schools) are too big, actually. They need to be downsized,’ she said.

“‘At the same time, you cannot have ‘zombie schools.’ You can’t have 140 kids in a high school and think that you’re going to have a good result and have the resources to provide for them.'”

Read the Entire Article, and watch part of Ives’ Daily Herald Editorial Board interview, here.