ICYMI: Trump on Sanctuary Laws and DACA at CPAC

February 26, 2018 –  Last week, President Trump fired up his conservative base with at CPAC. In his comments, Trump addressed sanctuary laws like those in Chicago, Cook County and the State of Illinois that protect violent criminals here illegally at the expense of law-abiding American citizens and even persons who are here illegally but are otherwise peaceful and productive.

Governor Rauner betrayed his promise of ‘no social agenda’ when he made Illinois a sanctuary state last summer. Adding to the betrayal, he promised in national interview with Bret Baier on Fox News to meet with families who had been victims of crimes committed by illegal immigrants before signing the bill. He lied again, making sanctuary state the law without meeting with those families.
Governor Rauner was hoping that in not giving them a hearing, their stories would go unheard.

Conservative reform Republican candidate for governor State Representative Jeanne Ives’ candidacy has given a voice to two of the families ignored by Governor Rauner: Dennis McCann and Jeannie Brady.

Watch: President Trump’s CPAC Speech

Where President Trump speaks of Democrats fighting for the criminal over law-abiding citizens, he is also speaking about Bruce Rauner.

Sanctuary Laws (55:09-55:37)

  • The laws are against us. They’re against safety. You meet with Democrats and they’re always fighting for the criminal. They’re not fighting for law-abiding citizens.
  • Just some of the criminal charges and convictions for illegal immigrants arrested by ICE: 11,000 charges or convictions for sex crimes, 48,000 for assault, 13,000 for burglary, 18,000 for killing people.
  • We’re cracking down on sanctuary cities – can you believe this – because we want our cities to be sanctuaries for law-abiding citizens, not for criminals.

DACA (55:46-56:25)

  • The Senate Democrats and the House Democrats have totally abandon DACA. They don’t even talk to me about it.
  • We get the reputation, like, DACA… it’s not Republican. Well, let me tell you, it is Republican. Because we want to do something about DACA… Get it solved after all these years.
  • The Democrats are being totally unresponsive. They don’t want to do anything about DACA.
  • It’s very possible DACA won’t happen. And it’s not because of the Republicans. It’s because of the Democrats. And, frankly, you better elect more Republicans, folks, or it’ll never happen.