Ives Campaign Releases New Book Detailing Rauner’s Betrayals

Authored by Chicago GOP Chairman with a Foreword by State Rep. Tom Morrison

February 28, 2018 – The campaign of conservative reform candidate for governor State Rep. Jeanne Ives today a released a book entitled The Governor You Don’t Know: The Other Side of Bruce Rauner.

The book provides Republican primary voters a factual history of Governor Rauner’s tenure, bumping his rhetoric up against his policy choices and connecting the dots between the candidate who promised “no social agenda” and an “Illinois Turnaround” with his numerous betrayals.

Authored by Chicago GOP Chairman and Ives Campaign Chairman Chris Cleveland with a foreword by respected conservative State Representative Tom Morrison (R-Palatine), the book provides a succinct and substantiated nine-chapter distillation of an extreme leftist record that Rauner has been able to obfuscate for some with his checkbook.

The book was fact-checked by veteran journalists. It is a straightforward memorialization of the facts on Rauner.

  • Why Rauner went 0 for 44 with his “Turnaround Agenda.”
  • His insider deal with Rahm Emanuel that made both men very rich.
  • The real reason he forced you to pay for abortions in Illinois.
  • The implications of making Illinois a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants.
  • How Rauner’s bailout of Chicago Public School pensions giving Rahm everything he wanted “and more” took money from your children’s schools and raised your property taxes.
  • How Rauner’s absenteeism resulted in the largest structural income tax increase (32%) in Illinois history and why Rauner wanted it.
  • Why Rauner simply can’t win the election against any Democrat.

Republicans didn’t know what they were getting when they elected Rauner in 2014. Thanks to The Governor You Don’t Know, they’ll know exactly what they got so they can make an informed choice as to whether or not they want to return Rauner or retire him.

Download a copy of The Governor You Don’t Know: The Other Side of Bruce Rauner here.