Ives Response to WBEZ Report About Rauner Administration Emails Regarding Legionnaires Outbreak

“I hope no other families have to sit and watch their loved one die in the same way we did and then to find out it may have all been prevented.”

“I’m disappointed in how he (Rauner) tries to just make this situation no big deal, how everything is just sunny skies, blue skies, and terrific, and we’re still here two-plus years after my father’s death with the same questions we had. Ultimately, that’s what we were looking for: a hero. Someone who was just going to say the truth, not candy-coat it, and just give us the information.

“And, we never got that.”

– Tim Miller, son of Eugene Miller

February 28, 2018 – Reporters at WBEZ obtained and published nearly 1,400 emails between state public health officials, local public health officials, and the state agency that oversees the Illinois Veterans Home in Quincy, which – as they reported – “Gov. Rauner is fighting to keep secret.”

State Representative Jeanne Ives, the conservative reform Republican candidate for Governor, issued the following statement in response:

“The contents of these emails confirm our worst fears and suspicions about this Governor. It is not that he was inept, an outsider trying to figure his way around state government. But that he and his administration were as cold and calculating at they seemed. These emails revealed that they were more concerned with appearances, status and protecting their seats of power, than they were with people who were suffering – and, in this case, dying. Those who had taken ill in the Illinois Veterans Home were discussed as political obstacles, instead of people in need of care. No one should be treated the way these men and women have been treated, least of all veterans and their families who have served their country and sacrificed in ways most of us cannot imagine.

“I’ve asked before, ‘What the hell is wrong with this Governor?’ This morning, I am afraid we know.”