Rauner Sticks to his Script While Vets Continue to Get Sick

Bruce Rauner possesses none of what the veterans he has ignored possess: honor.

March 16, 2018 – Yesterday, Governor Rauner held a press conference to announce the possibility of a plan to move veterans from a home with a 2.5-year running problem with Legionnaires’ disease that has taken 13 lives.From Capitol Fax,

“That’s not the plan yet,” Gov. Rauner also said today in Quincy about buying the nursing home down the street and moving the residents. “That’s an option that we want to have available.”

Rauner again congratulated himself for the job he has done to date.

So, there was nothing that somehow taken too long, or we didn’t do or we waited on. Nothing whatsoever.”

2.5 years.

13 dead.

11 lawsuits against the state.

4 more veterans got sick since the last time he said he handled the whole thing“exceptionally well” and wouldn’t change a thing.

And there is still no plan to move veterans and their families out of harm’s way.

Only a plan to stick to his script. Rauner has no problem stepping over the dead bodies of veterans in an attempt to avoid responsibility for a preventable carnage at a state-run veterans home.

Bruce Rauner possesses none of what those veterans he has ignored possess: honor.

Bruce Rauner is a disgrace.