Rep. Cabello Calls for Rauner’s Resignation; Endorses Ives for Governor

This evening, Republican State Rep. John Cabello told 13-WREX in Rockford that he believes Governor Bruce Rauner should resign during an interview following Wednesday’s State of the State address.

Cabello points to the governor’s credibility as the main reason for his comments, saying the governor has broken his word, specifically on House Bill 40, bill that forced taxpayer-funding of abortion. Cabello said in private meetings Governor Rauner told lawmakers that he would not sign the bill. In late September, however, he signed House Bill 40 into law.

“When you tell someone you are not going to do something, you should stick to your word,” Cabello said. “I can’t trust any words that he says from here on out.”

Cabello is officially endorsing Jeanne Ives in the Illinois Governor’s race. Ives announced Cabello’s endorsement at a Press Conference on Wednesday morning. In addition to being a state legislator, Cabello is also a law enforcement officer in the Rockford area.

“Republican state legislators continue to abandon Governor Rauner and his agenda,” said Ives. “It is further evidence that the betrayals Governor Rauner denies are very real, and that his ability to accomplish anything is irreparably damaged. Rauner talks of working with Democrats to find bipartisan compromises, when he hasn’t been able to work with Republicans – or even bring Republicans to the table.

“Rauner can walk around with ‘Governor’ sash for a little while longer but, as far as many of my colleagues are concerned, he’s already a lame duck.”

Ives adds Representative Cabello’s endorsement to a growing list of legislators including State Representatives Tom Morrison, Peter Breen, Margo McDermed, Allen Skillicorn, Barb Wheeler, and David McSweeney and State Senators Tim Bivins and Kyle McCarter. State Representative Reggie Phillips has made a significant financial donation to her campaign.

Ives has additionally received endorsements from numerous grassroots organizations including Crete Township Republicans, NW Side GOP Club, Wheatland Township Republican Organization, Fremont Township Republican Organization, Republican Organization of Wheeling Township, Chicago GOP, Batavia Township Republican Organization, Wauconda Township Republican Organization, Republican Assembly of Lake County, and Tax Accountability (Taxpayers United of America).