The Radical Left’s Favorite Republican

March 18, 2018 – Rauner lies about Ives to cover his betrayals. The classic projection and misdirection of the traitor. In fact, Rauner is Planned Parenthood, Personal PAC and the radical Left’s favorite Republican. Why? Because he finances them and they in turn finance Democrats against Republicans throughout Illinois. Rauner is literally financing the Chicago Democrats’ majority. Watch:

Personal PAC may have endorsed Pat Quinn in 2014, but they got more radical, pro-abortion policies at taxpayer expense out of Bruce Rauner.

Personal PAC is a long-time ally of Governor Rauner, who has given large donations to Planned Parenthood. This organization supports the radical Left’s social agenda, including taxpayer-funding of abortion on demand. In addition, Rauner signed on to the extreme legislative agenda of Personal PAC as it pertains to gender identity politics by signing HB 1785, which provides for grown men to share bathrooms and locker rooms with young girls.

Personal PAC has rallied to Rauner’s defense by attacking Ives, who – along with every single Republican state legislator – voted against HB 40.

In an October 31, 2014 email to supporters, Diana Rauner wrote:

“Bruce has been one of the largest supporters of the ACLU Reproductive Rights Project for over 20 years. He has been a major supporter of Planned Parenthood both locally and nationally for a similar time, such that Cecile Richards told her local staff in Illinois earlier this year, ‘if I hear anything negative about Bruce Rauner my head will explode.'”

That’s the same Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood, who spent $30 million in support of Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign in 2016.

Governor Rauner and the First Lady were sponsors of last year’s Planned Parenthood Gala at the $50,000 level.

Per the Illinois State Board of Elections, Personal PAC has spent more than $4 million in support of Illinois Democrats over the past 20 years

Personal PAC, Richards and Rauner have a lot in common. They lie. And they have spent millions of dollars to defeat conservatives.


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