Rauner Lie #1: “Jeanne Ives is Mike Madigan’s Favorite Republican.”

Fact: The lie is based on an extremely out-of-context statement Ives made in response to Rauner’s bungling explanation of his own relationship with the Speaker during their Chicago Tribune editorial board interview.

Watch the full interview for context: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/politics/illinoisgovernor/95787463-132.html


Rauner Lie #2: “Jeanne Ives supports Mike Madigan’s 32% tax increase.”

Fact:  Jeanne Ives voted against the 32% income tax hike.

In fact, she argued passionately against the tax hike on the House Floor.

It is Rauner’s recently proposed budget that assumes revenue from the income tax increase. So, he’s promising he’ll repeal it, while budgeting for the revenue from it. More doubletalk from Rauner. Another betrayal.

Further, Ives does not support the expansion of existing taxes in Illinois. She has repeatedly and consistently voted against every single tax increase brought before the House. Below are the three reasons she gave to the Chicago Tribune in her candidate questionnaire:

  1. Illinoisans are already overtaxed. They pay the nation’s highest property tax rates – three times higher than rates in Indiana and double those in Missouri. Chicagoans pay the nation’s highest sales taxes. And the recent $5 billion income tax hike is an additional strain on the incomes of Illinoisans trying to get by.
  2. The legislature has done nothing in decades to rein in costs, corruption and bloat in state and local government. Illinoisans need reforms that bring the costs of government in line with what they can afford. Residents need comprehensive consolidation of local governments and Illinois’ 800-plus school districts. They need the state to end pensions and a move to 401ks for government workers going forward. And they need reforms to Medicaid eligibility. All these cost-saving reforms are long overdue.
  3. Illinois also needs both a growing economy and a growing tax base if it is to thrive. Piling an ever-increasing burden onto Illinoisans will only result in the opposite. The state has lost population every year for the past four years. The higher Illinois taxes go, the worse the burden gets for Illinois’ remaining residents, forcing even more residents to leave.

Ives believes that lawmakers can and must balance the state budget without raising taxes. In fact, they have a moral imperative to do so.


Rauner Lie #3: “Ives opposed freezing property taxes.”

Fact: Ives wants to LOWER your property taxes, not freeze them. We have the highest property taxes in the nation. Why would we want to lock that in with a freeze?

Illinoisans unquestionably need immediate relief from the highest property taxes in the nation. The state’s average property tax rate, at 2.67 percent, is three times higher than Indiana’s (0.88 percent) and twice as high as Missouri’s (1.26 percent), according to CoreLogic.

The only solution to persistent high property taxes is to institute a hard cap as a percentage of home value.  A levy freeze, which is the only property tax freeze that has been discussed in Springfield, is not a freeze for an individual home owner.  A property tax cap, such as Indiana has, is the only real way to keep housing affordable.

In order to institute a tax-cap, four things must happen:  the government must reduce spending by addressing the cost drivers of local spending, the state must become the primary funder of education, across the state we must reduce the number of taxing bodies and distortions (TIFs, exemptions) in our property valuation system, and we must align local accountability and costs (shift pensions, collective bargaining reform).


Rauner Lie #4. “Ives was the only House member to vote against increasing the property tax exemption.”

Fact: The legislation in question did not lower property taxes for the majority of property owners.

It only lowered taxes for a special subset. And would have forced higher taxes on other property owners. The bill did nothing to lower property tax levies or address the government spending that drives up the property tax burden statewide.

In fact, the bill was not even picked up in the Senate, because it was only intended to be used to create campaign mail pieces for the bill’s sponsor.


Rauner Lie #5. “Ives has received thousands of dollars in contributions from the same union bosses who back Mike Madigan.”

Fact: As a state legislator, Ives received small campaign donations from private-sector labor/management organizations

The same organizations, Local 150’s PAC and the Chicagoland Operators Joint Labor-Management PAC, have backed Republican Minority Leader Jim Durkin’s PAC, House Republican Organization and The House Republican Leadership Committee in the amounts of: $90,400 from Local 150, and $448,300 from COJLM-PAC.

The Reaction To Rauner’s Lies…

Conservative Columnist John Kass says, “The governor twisted her words from a debate the two had before the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board. I was there. She crushed him in that one.”

Liberal Columnist Greg Hinz says, “The governor is in full Pinocchio mode on this one too… I’m sure that someone in Rauner’s camp thinks it’s really neat and cool to call Ives ‘Madigan’s lackey.’ It might even be effective with some casual voters. But for most voters, all Bruce Rauner has done is raise questions about his own integrity.”

Illinois Channel Host Terry Martin says, “To those flyers that are going out… the TV ads going out… that say Jeanne Ives is Madigan’s favorite representative, or suggest she’s against lowering property taxes..!!! Well — that is the biggest distortion I’ve heard about Illinois politics in the last 20 years that I’ve covered Illinois politics — and EVERYONE who follows Illinois politics or works in the Capitol knows that’s just plainly RIDICULOUS!

Jeanne Ives is a rock-solid conservative on fiscal matters, she’s solid on gutting corruption out of Illinois politics and was greatly outspoken in support of getting rid of the former President of the College of DuPage…”

Breitbart Senior Editor Joel Pollak says, Rauner has no chance to win the general election… But Ives is challenging the go-along-to-get-along caucus, bringing life to the race and hope to a state that has been failed by the establishment of both parties and needs bold leadership, now.”

State Representative and House Republican Floor Leader Peter Breen (R-Lombard) says, “Rauner’s promises were just flat out lies.”

As Rep. David McSweeney (R-Barrington Hills) says, “Rauner has been completely ineffective – other than the TV ads and press releases he hides behind – in attempting to actually pass something. He could be the most ineffective politician in the country.”

The Truth Is…

Jeanne Ives is the only consistent Conservative for Governor.

Jeanne Ives is three-term State Representative, West Point graduate, Army veteran and mother of five, who was recruited by her conservative colleagues to run against Governor Bruce Rauner in the 2018 primary. She has consistently and sincerely upheld conservative principles in Springfield.

Ives is 100% Pro-Life

Ives has an ‘A’ Rating with the NRA

Ives has fought against Speaker Madigan, as well as bad actors in her own party, at every turn in the Illinois House.

The Truth Is…

Governor Rauner Lied to Us. He Has Lied to Everyone About Everything.

In 2014, Rauner promised an economic “Turnaround,” with no social agenda.

By 2017, Bruce Rauner had broken every promise he made.

He backed off all 44 of his proposed economic “Turnaround” policies. Rather than focus on victories a governor can win without legislative involvement, he chose a climactic battle over the budget. Which he lost.

He refused twice – in 2014 and 2018 –  to respond to a questionnaire on 2A rights for the NRA.

Rauner enacted a sanctuary state bill. Before signing it, he promised to meet with the families members of those killed by illegal immigrant like Dennis McCann and Jeannie Brady. He lied. Without ever meeting – or even calling – them, he turned around and signed the bill.

But he didn’t stop there. Rauner, then, made Illinois the first state in the nation to violate the Hyde Amendment and force taxpayers to fund abortion on-demand. Before signing that bill, he promised Republicans in the House and Senate he would veto it. He promised Cardinal Cupich he wouldn’t sign it. He lied. Rauner turned around and signed the bill anyway.

By 2017, the guy who promised “no social agenda,” turned out to have only a social agenda. Republicans understand that Governor Rauner is unelectable. He betrayed his party’s values. He broke all his promises.

Conservatives are tired of Rauner’s lies, failures and cover-ups. In fact, the reputed conservative opinion journal, National Review, named Governor Rauner “The Worst Republican Governor in America.”  Fox News named Rauner one of the “Worst of 2017.” They understand that Governor Rauner is unelectable. He betrayed his party’s values. He broke all his promises.

The Truth Is…

Governor Rauner is Lying About Jeanne Ives.

Judge them by their respective records and only one conclusion can be drawn: Jeanne Ives is a true conservative. Bruce Rauner is a radical leftist, and the greatest enemy within the perimeter the GOP has ever known.

And he knows it. So, he is responding to Ives the only way he knows how: with lies. He ginned up ads and mailers calling her “Madigan’s Favorite Republican,” for which he was condemned by liberal political columnist Greg Hinz, conservative political columnist John Kass, and a coalition of Republican state legislators.

The Truth Is…

Governor Rauner Wants to Continue Lying to You. But You Can Push Back Against Rauner’s Lies and No-Holds Barred Assault On Conservative Values

The Ives for Illinois – Governor campaign has released ads combatting Rauner’s deceitful attacks: A Perfect Score and Ives Won’t. Neither Should You.

The Ives campaign additionally release a book, The Governor You Don’t Know: The Other Side of Bruce Rauner, to help connect the dots between Governor Rauner’s personal history and his lies and betrayals in office.

Governor Rauner, however, has spent millions, and has millions more to spend, spreading his lies about Jeanne Ives. We need your help to make sure this information reaches as many conservative voters as possible in the next 2 weeks.

Please share this page and these resources as broadly as possible.

Together we can elect a consistent Conservative for Governor, and end Bruce Rauner’s lies once and for all.