What Republicans Should Know About Bruce Rauner Before They Vote

March 19, 2018 – Before they go to vote, Republican voters have time to download and read their own copy of The Governor You Don’t Know: The Other Side of Bruce Rauner.  

The book provides Republican primary voters a factual history of Governor Rauner, connecting the dots between the candidate who promised “no social agenda” and an “Illinois Turnaround” with his numerous betrayals.
The Governor You Don’t Know was exhaustively fact-checked by veteran journalists. Authored by Chicago GOP Chair and Ives for Illinois – Governor Campaign Chair Chris Cleveland, the book cuts through campaign rhetoric – past and present – to expose the truth about Bruce Rauner.  What Illinoisans don’t know about Governor Rauner will shock them:

  • Why his failure to reform the state’s pension system will leave retirees cold … and very hungry.
  • His quiet deal with Rahm Emanuel that made both men very rich
  • The real reason he forced you to pay for abortions in Illinois
  • How the “Mayor Rahm – Gov. Bruce” Chicago Public Schools bailout took money from your children’s schools AND raised your property taxes.
  • How his poor leadership raised your state income taxes by almost a third. Your property taxes are out of control.
  • Why he simply can’t win the election against any Democrat.

In 2018 – unlike 2014, Republicans will understand exactly who they are nominating for Governor.
Download a copy of The Governor You Don’t Know: The Other Side of Bruce Raunerhere.