Dear Friends and Supporters,

Tuesday night, the popular revolt against Illinois’ political ruling class fell just a bit short.

But that doesn’t change the substance of what we accomplished or the righteousness of our effort. We started this campaign on faith. And we came closer than most thought we could. Sometimes what should happen doesn’t happen…at least not in our time. So we end with the same faith with which we started.

It is with much gratitude and great humility that I thank my running mate Rich Morthland and his family. I couldn’t have had a better running mate or a more principled conservative with which to wage this battle than Rich. I want to thank my husband Paul for standing steadfastly behind me throughout this campaign. Paul, myself, and my entire family are so fortunate to have been able to share this experience together with you.

I also want to thank both my dedicated campaign staff and you – the conservative grassroots who rallied behind me and took this hill with me.

Tuesday’s defeat is nonetheless a victory for the people who play by the rules in Illinois and who’ve been fleeced by a state government they finance.

You made your voices heard. You made your exasperation felt.

And now both parties and both candidates for governor know your concerns and hopes can no longer be ignored.

As I’ve said throughout this campaign and during my time in the General Assembly, both parties share the blame for what Illinois has become. We don’t have Republican or Democrat problems. We have math problems and government service problems.

I remain convinced that Tuesday remains the beginning of the end of all of that. I remain convinced that Illinois is on the comeback.

And I remain committed to fighting to those ends every day I have left as a member of the Illinois House.

Despite this defeat, I know the overwhelming majority of Illinois families want to change our political culture. This is the popular revolt long in the making and it will not be quelled by this setback. This is a movement that has room for everybody because our government belongs equally to every single, law-abiding Illinois resident.

Thank you all so very much for the sacrifices you made for our campaign.

Thank you all so very much for the fight you put in for what’s right, and for what’s right for Illinois.

Onward we fight.

God Bless you, your families, our state and our nation.


P.S. One final comment: We are a polite and conscientious campaign. Please pick up any signs you see in your area and dispose of them properly. If our campaign loaned you stakes, please give them to a conservative candidate or use them to fence in your garden – another useful re-purposing.